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Much of the work we do is for our clients’ internal use, so we can’t show off how amazing it is.  We’ll honor your confidentiality as well. Here are some of the services we offer with samples where appropriate.

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Corporate Communications

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Social Media Assets


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Digital Marketing Library

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Aggressive companies are educating their employees, sales forces, and affiliates with online eLearning tools.  We create content and can even author the modules. Whether your training is straight forward or complex, we can help. Click on the button below to explore a diagnostic training module.

Whether you are talking to the world or to your stakeholders, high-impact video is key to telling your story.  Homepage Splash, Work For Us, Product/Program Launch, Company History, or Internal Messaging - AutoNetTV can help get your message across.

Social media marketing (SMM) has become a staple with companies: both B2B and B2C.  Video is a key weapon in successful SMM campaigns. These videos can be derived from other larger video projects, leveraging your assets, or created as purpose-built standalone SMM videos.

We can help make strained training budgets go further with video.  Imagine having your best training and sales presentations available online 24/7.  Products, programs, and policies accessible from anywhere, any time, and on any device. That’s leverage.

We help manufacturers showcase their products for websites, media libraries, and catalogs.  Click to see examples of beauty shots, in-action photography, and 360° product shots.

Forward thinking companies are creating Digital Marketing Libraries.  Assets could include anything from complete videos to building blocks that you can use as in creating your own media.  For example, 3D models that can be used (by your team or ours) to create print, training materials, online, counter mats, and sales aids.  It’s your library - use it as you please.

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 10.18.51

Interactive 3D Animation

You expend a lot of care and resources developing your products, giving them feature sets that set you apart from the competition.  Interactive 3D animations allow prospects and customers to view your products in a virtual environment, looking at them from various angles and reading callout outs explaining your advantages.

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