The Process

Not every company is the same.  You need a unique solution. We approach each project individually in order to give you the results you need.


Which Step are you on?  We can assist with any aspect of your project - or help you with the whole thing.


Creative Development

It all starts with an idea. Let us help you. Together we can visualize the perfect videos, e-learning courses, blog posts, social media content, or infographics for your brand.



You have the idea, now let’s make it happen. While you can't just snap your fingers and have a finished product, we’ll help you get down to the nitty gritty. Everything is planned out from the start for a smooth transition through the rest of the process.



Making videos means actors, props, locations, cameras, lights, sound, and a team. We have been fine tuning the process for years and are ready to deliver on your production project, no matter how large or small.



Graphics make your production pop.  2D motion graphics grab the eye and supercharge understanding.


Our 3D team has created a huge library of automotive parts, systems, and vehicles.  3D animations let you show how your products work in ways that otherwise wouldn't be possible.  Leverage our assets or have us create your own.



This is where it all comes together: editing, sound design, image enhancement, on-screen text, and your branding.  We fine-tune the look and tone to drive home your message.



Videos are awesome, but won't work unless people see them!  We can format your videos for whatever delivery medium you will be using: website, social media, e-learning, giant trade show screen,  browser, or handheld. From Creative Development through Final Production, we’ll optimize your videos to look great wherever they are viewed.