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My youngest daughter used to have a superpower. As soon as she could talk, she was telling us where to turn from her car seat. I don’t know if she just memorized all the routes from home to destination “X” or if they implanted a GPS chip in the delivery room. She would get agitated if she thought we were going the wrong way until she learned there was more than one way to get from Point A to Point B - which opened entirely different lines of inquiry. On road trips, we had to get her a map to follow along with to stop the endless questions about where exactly we were or how many miles to Green River.

The point is - to some extent or another - we crave a plan. For a road trip, planning helps build excitement and makes sure that everyone going has a chance to express their hopes for the trip. It sets expectations and boundaries and helps identify the needed resources and the schedule. We do some preparatory research: decide if we need bug spray or bear spray, swimsuits or snowshoes, the change jar or an American Express Black Card. Ultimately - we end up with some peace of mind that the trip will be safe, fun, and deliver on our hopes.

Golly gee, it’s kind of like planning your video project. As you may know, AutoNetTV is putting on a series of webinars this summer called “The Power of Planning”. The next webinar, scheduled for July 28th, 2020 at 12 pm MST, focuses on the Planning Document we like to prepare for major projects. Click here to register

This document is far more than a regurgitation of everything the client has shared during the project exploration process. This is where we bring concepts to the table that percolate up during our internal research process. Here’s where we pull together the varied input from your own team - marketing, sales, distribution, training - and view it through the lens of the broader automotive industry, your market segments, your competition - and - the media production industry.

The result is a very catalytic document. By that, I mean rather than being a precise road map (that would be a PLAN Document), it is a means of challenging and enhancing what we have discussed in our preliminary discussions together (i.e. a PLANNING Document). The final production plan will almost certainly contain elements of this planning document. We also find that it almost always opens new creative vistas for the entire team, becoming a launching pad for what is ultimately a very exciting and satisfying plan.

We may end up going left at the fork in the road instead of right - but we’ll end up getting where you want to be.

So sign up for the webinar - even if you can’t watch it live. We’ll have you on the list and will send you a recording.

SUPER COOL OFFER: For the next couple of months (meaning not forever), we’re offering to work through this process with you and create a Planning Document at no cost - even if you don’t do the video project with us. Of course, we hope you’ll fall in love with us and be rendered unable to consider working with any other studio. We’ll send details of this offer after the webinar.

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