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How to Create Product Videos Your Customers Won’t Forget

How do you know which video content is the “right” content to create?

Often the biggest expenses companies face when creating video content is they have a “throw it against the wall and see what sticks strategy”. This leads to content for which companies ultimately don’t have a long-term use wasting precious time and money.

A few years ago, we had the pleasure of working with KYB Americas. When they came to us for a video project for their website, they wanted to know what types of videos they should create. After a short conversation, we took the information they provided us and did some of our own research. KYB wanted to focus on improving content on their website, specifically with information about ride control and product decisions.

We started by looking at the videos they were currently running on their website, and how they fit within their overall brand and messaging. We thought the videos were well done but we noticed a few things that could be improved, such as using more graphics to visually reinforce the messages they were trying to convey, and improving the usage of audio.

We then ran their website through a website analysis tool and found a massive opportunity. The “readability” level of the website, which is the approximate level of education necessary to read and understand the sites content, was at Advanced/Doctoral degree level. This meant that the vast majority of their website traffic were not able to fully grasp the messaging that KYB was trying to share.

Starting from this premise, we looked at what solutions they could start utilizing to create a better experience for their website visitors. This was the perfect place to use video to bridge that gap, especially with short-form videos.

With short-form videos, they wouldn’t have to overhaul all of the written text on their site, and they would be able to get the readability level to a place where their website visitors would quickly and easily be able to access the key information that KYB wanted.

The work we did with their marketing team was part of an overhaul the company was doing on their website. Once they made the changes to their site, won the Auto International Association (AIA) award for the Best Website Presentation of a Product Line for Import Cars or Trucks at the 2014 Automotive Aftermarket Parts Expo in Las Vegas.

While video can’t be 100% attributed to this turnaround for KYB, it demonstrates how using the right video content within an overall marketing strategy can make a massive difference for a company. Check out some of the videos at and scroll down to Shock and Strut Video Tips.

AutoNetTV has developed a process with steps to understand your company's needs and goals, l identify the target mediums/channels, and determine the overall fit of video within your marketing lineup to create the best finished product to fit your time, budget and agenda.

Schedule a free consultation to review the goals and potential of video for your product and marketing needs. Call Shawn Bird today at 801-683-6805, or email him at

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