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GETTING CREATIVE WITH THE CREATIVE BRIEF - Add Power to Your Production webinar series

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Contributed by Shawn Bird, AutoNetTV Account Manager

This is the one where we go into the details of the creative brief questions and why it's important to answer the questions in full to help the studio you work with understand and successfully convey your vision and message for your video projects.

Background Overview

  • What should we know about your company, service, or product?

  • How would you describe your business?

  • What background info is relevant, including previous marketing campaigns?

  • What makes your company/product stand out from your competition?

  • Please attach relevant links to help us better understand your company and relevant products.


  • Having a concise objective provides a focus for the rest of the project roadmap. For example: Do you want to sell more products and/or increase brand awareness? Do you have a call to action?

  • What does success look like for this project?

Target Audience

  • Knowing your audience will shape the style and messaging of your campaign.

  • Who is the intended audience (consumer or industry facing)?

  • eLearning, Training, business case, sales aid, etc.?

  • This may include demographic information such as age, gender, education, or income level as well as info on how often they use the product or service.


  • What are the key points that you want to say?

  • What do you want to show?


  • What is the tone or image that you want your video to convey: sophisticated, fun or bold, etc.?


  • Do you want your video to be Live-Action, Motion Graphics, and/or 3D images/animation?

  • Please attach links to videos that have elements you like and tell us what you think would be cool.

  • Please share your brand or style guidelines


  • Having a timeline is critical for planning any project.

  • What are the critical due dates for your deliverables?


  • Where is your video going to be viewed?

  • Is it a commercial for TV, a social media ad, trade show booth video, eLearning platform, website, digital asset library, etc.?

Leverage video

  • Assets created for this video can go a long way.

  • What other possible uses do you see for the assets created in this project? (emails, social media, website, print, point of sale, multiple languages, etc.)


  • Obviously the budget dictates much of what can be done, however, there are many moving parts and we can maximize your budget. If you have a target, we can work on a plan within that range. If you need us to develop a budget based on our discussions, we can do that too.

  • What is your budget range?


  • Do you have any digital assets like images, b-roll, graphics packages (company colors, fonts, logos, etc.) that we can use in your project? Please describe them.

What Else

  • What else, if anything, would you like us to know?

Please do not hesitate to reach out the Shawn Bird with any questions you may have or if you want to start planning your next vide project. Email him or call him 801.683.6805

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