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5 Tips to Boost Your 2020 Results Without Busting Your Budget

Video content is one of the most valuable tools automotive suppliers can use for product information, technical training, sales, and marketing. In addition to its ability to quickly capture attention and increase retention of information, videos can be repurposed among most of your media channels.

Some professionals in the product management, marketing, sales, or catalog fields hesitate to pursue video content because of concerns for the cost. But when done right, video can be the most cost-effective tool to drive results, and can be used for many years - increasing the effectiveness of your budget.

Here are 5 tips that you can use to save money, time, and hassle when it comes to creating high-quality videos for your business.

1. Storyboarding - Your Visual Guide

Unlike writing a blog post or brochure, video can add powerful visual elements along with a story to increase engagement and recall. The most effective stories start with a Storyboard - visual concepts that can be quickly drawn or created to follow the key concepts and message for each part of the story.

Starting the video process without a Storyboard wastes time and money due to reshoots - which includes studio, talent and crew time, re-editing time, graphics changes, as well as script rewrites. Seemingly little things such as not having the right uniform, product shots, or missing scenes or visuals can not only increase costs, but also delay the time for delivery of your final product. There’s an old rule of thumb in the creative world - speed, cost and quality … pick any two. But starting with a solid Storyboard, approved by all the stakeholders (don’t forget legal or risk-management), will greatly reduce the cost and time spent producing a high-quality video.

Starting with a clear direction through the storyboarding process of knowing who your audience is, what message you want to convey, and the actions you want your audience to take will reduce frustration and increase the life-span of your finished video.

2. Buyout of Talent Rights (if you use actors)

A large expense in creating any video is Talent Fees (i.e. paid to actors). If you use Talent, make sure they are professionals with experience. These actors are normally represented by a Talent Agency or Agent. Talent agree to different contracts for each project, often based on the producer, type of production, and where the finished project will be displayed. If you’re filming a Commercial / Industrial project (not referring to TV Commercials), for content that will be used in business applications, online, and other mediums that do not include Broadcast (Network or Cable TV, Radio, etc.), we recommend obtaining a buyout of rights for the talent work.

A buyout allows you to pay a slightly higher than normal fee up-front for the Talent’s performance, but eliminates the need to track and pay ongoing rights or royalties for the performance. The work performed is paid-in-full from the beginning. This stretches your allowance by keeping your expenses to the current budget year.

3. Combine Multiple Projects in One Production/Shoot

There are certain costs associated with any video production project that have a high minimum amount. These costs can be reduced “per video” when you produce several videos at the same time. Think of it like getting a vehicle up on a lift in a service bay - it’s cheaper to get certain services performed while a portion of the labor has already been done. This concept applies to costs such as studio time, talent fees, lighting, and others that have a minimum amount - but can be spread over several projects, reducing the per video cost.

For example, if you’re thinking of creating a video now for Product Training, then another in a few months for Catalog placement, and yet another after that for Marketing - you will save money by creating all three videos at the same time. The cost per video will go down, and your overall budget will decrease by not having to duplicate fixed expenses. You may also be able to draw from several department budgets at the same time - reducing your individual budget expenses even further.

4. Plan to Repurpose Content Before You Start

The process of creating videos includes many elements required for creating content for other mediums as well. For example, designing a set with your branding, products, and professional talent to convey the right message to your audience works perfectly for print or online messages, as well as your primary video project. Plan, in advance, to take specific product and people photography that you can use in other collateral for your department - such as brochures, reference guides, support docs, email, and throughout your website.

In addition to still photography, you can film several short-form videos or promos to call attention to your product or marketing on social media or your website as leads to attract your audience. Think about callouts, teases, or quick tips that can enhance your overall video project and have your team film these during any downtime during your filming session. As long as the content is for the same overall project (same company, same products and purpose), this can all be covered within your contract for work performed by the Talent and Crew.

5. Work with a company that speaks Automotive

Automotive parts, components, systems, industry jargon, and legally-accepted terms can be very technical and difficult to understand. But these are absolutely critical to the success of your project. Working with a team that does not have automotive experience and expertise will increase your time and expense for a video project. In addition, non-automotive agencies may expose you and your company to potential harm if they accidentally include or exclude critical information. Simple on-screen text by editors who don’t know the difference between PCV for automotive, versus PVC for plumbing, can erode your credibility if missed in the review process.

Increase your confidence, reduce time and costs, and improve the overall finished product by working with a company that “speaks automotive”.

AutoNetTV is the automotive industry’s #1 content creation firm. We’ve been creating automotive content for service facilities, suppliers, distributors, OEs, associations, and others for nearly 15 years. We’ve created content for major brands you know and respect. We’ve won 16 awards, and helped our clients win awards, for our ability to blend amazing creativity with technical accuracy.

Choose a partner who knows the industry and has earned the respect of your peers. Call Shawn Bird today at 801-683-6805, or email him at, to schedule a free consultation to review the goals, and potential budget and time-frame for your next project.

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